We would like to introduce ourselves as Manufacturer of High-Quality Grade Aluminium Circles of different dimensions in Eastern India with an Annual Capacity of 7000 Metric Tonnes.

We produce Superior Quality Aluminium Circles of varied dimensions at our Modern Plant. Our process of Circle Manufacturing involved DC Casting, Ingot Homogenizing, Ingot Scalping, Hot Rolling, Cold Rolling, Circle Punching and Hot Treatment process to get the desired Tempers.

Advanced Technology of Online Trough Degassing and Online Filtration have been adopted to minimize Hydrogen content and Oxide and minimize other inclusions. We follow IS : 21 : 1992 Standards to meet International Quality Norms. We have a fully equipped Modern Quality Control & R & D Department for checking the Chemical & Mechanical properties of the Final Product. Further a Test Certificate is provided for every Batch at the time of dispatch.

Primary Aluminium Ingots/Saws are used as Raw Material from one of the Primary Producers M/S NALCO for Production of Aluminium Circles in the Grades of IS 19700(AA1070),IS 19500(AA1050),IS 19000(AA1100),IS 40800(AA8011) and IS 3100(AA3003) in all Temper designates of O,H12,H14,H16 and H18. Depending upon the end use, the Circles are suitable for every application of Deep Drawing & Spinning foe production of Cookware, Pressure-Cooker and other Domestic Appliances. All types of surface treatments like Brazing, Impact Bonding, Anodizing, Hard Anodizing, Non-Stick Coating, can be done on the Cooker/Cookware produced from our Circles.

We have been exporting Quality Aluminium Circles to countries like Zambia, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Rwanda and Ghana for the past five years.

Our Vision

Through our commitment to quality, we aim to exceed expectations and be rewarded with a smile.

Our Mission

At Everest Aluminium, our mission is to create with passion and transparency, innovate, high quality Circles within committed timelines that leads to our Client’s delight.
We aim at being the most admired Aluminium Circle brand in India through the following values:

  • • Upholding the highest ethics, standards and systems to drive meaningful value to our Clients.
  • • Being honest and transparent in each and every endeavor.
  • • Constantly innovating and improving our products to create a Leadership Benchmark in the Aluminium Industry.
  • • Adding a “human touch” to everything we do, every product we make and every Client we deal with.

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